Window Cleaning

A Tier Co: Professional Window Cleaning

At A Tier, we take window cleaning to the next level with advanced techniques like water-fed pole cleaning. Our skilled team utilizes cutting-edge equipment, including a water-fed pole system paired with an oxidized tank, to deliver exceptional results.

Water-Fed Pole System: Our water-fed pole system is designed for efficiency and precision. Using purified water, we gently scrub and rinse your windows using extendable poles, reaching even the most challenging spots. The purified water leaves no residue, ensuring streak-free, crystal-clear windows.

Oxidized Tank: One of the key components of our water-fed pole system is the oxidized tank. This innovative tank infuses ordinary tap water with oxygen to create purified water. The process involves passing water through specialized filters to remove impurities and minerals. This purified water has a strong affinity for dirt and grime, effectively dissolving and carrying away contaminants from your windows.

How Oxidized Tank Works: The oxidized tank employs a two-step process. First, the water passes through sediment and carbon filters to eliminate large particles and chlorine. Then, the water enters a resin-filled tank where ions are exchanged to remove minerals, resulting in pure water.

When used with the water-fed pole system, this purified water becomes a powerful cleaning agent. Since it lacks minerals, purified water dries without leaving streaks or spots, ensuring a sparkling finish on your windows. It's an eco-friendly and efficient way to clean your windows, while also extending the time between cleaning sessions.

Experience the transformative effects of our water-fed pole system with oxidized tank technology. Our window cleaning method not only delivers outstanding results but also contributes to the longevity and brilliance of your windows. Contact us today to bring unparalleled clarity and shine to your home or business windows.

Commercial Cleaning

Key Benefits:Crystal Clear Views: Our skilled technicians use precision and care with each swipe of the squeegee, ensuring streak-free, crystal clear windows that allow natural light to flood your interior spaces.

Enhanced Aesthetics: Clean windows contribute significantly to the overall aesthetics of your commercial property. Impress clients and visitors with a building that sparkles from the outside.

Professional Image: Demonstrate your commitment to excellence by maintaining a professional and well-maintained exterior. Clean windows project an image of attention to detail and cleanliness.

Long-Term Preservation: Regular squeegee window cleaning does'nt just provide an immediate improvement – it also helps prevent long-term damage to your windows, preserving their integrity and longevity.

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